Are you looking to make your Suhoor and Iftar special with healthy yet delicious treats? United King, known for its best desserts in Karachi, has introduced a variety of finely made instant food items to ease the hassle of spending hours in the kitchen during Ramadan.

Here is a glimpse of 6 delicious Ramadan treats you can find at United King and make your meals special:


Whether you are buying a khajla box or khajla made with desi ghee, each has been finely prepared, keeping special care of hygiene and quality. Soaked in boiled and hot milk, it can serve as a complete Sehri meal, offering you the right amount of nutrition to keep you filled yet energized throughout the day.


One of the most delicious yet healthy items on an Iftar table is the bowl of dahiphulkis with the right combination of sprinkled spices. While making the perfect phulkis at home is time-taking and difficult, United King eases your hassle by offering finely prepared, fresh, and delicious phulki packs that can be used instantly to prepare the best dahiphulkis all the time. All you have to do is soak them in a bowl of hot water, drain the water, add your yogurt and cream from the top, sprinkle chaat masala, and voila!

Chatkhara Papdi

Want to add some crispiness to your bowl of cholay and dahibaray? United King offers the freshest and crispiest pack of papdi with an added flavor of spices to do that cherry on the top job. Get a pack of chatkharapapdi from United King and bring unforgettable flavors to your Iftar table this Ramadan.

Pakora Mix Box

Who would disagree that an Iftar table is complete with a platter filled with delicious pakoras? They undoubtedly bring the finest flavors to our Ramadan meals, but it’s often time-consuming to prepare the right mixture. But not anymore because United King has introduced the best Pakora Mix Box – prepared with all the right spices and ingredients to bring colors to your Iftar. Zeera Puri Want something special at your Iftar table?

Zeera Puri

Zeera Puri by United King is meant to bring tasteful flavors to your Ramadan meals. Whether it’s Sehri or Iftar, these puris are made with all the right flavors and healthy ingredients to help you stay energized and filled.

Pani Puri

Want some extra flavor and fun at your Iftar table? United King has introduced a pack of instant pani puri with all the ingredients ready for serving, and all you have to do is fry those delicious puris.

Chatni Trio Pack A pack of red, imli, and green chatni to add all the right spices and flavors to your Iftar table. Whether you’ve got pakoras, cutlets, or any other fried items on the menu – these deliciously made chatnis can enhance the taste of your meal and make your Iftar much more special than usual.

Visit the nearest outlet of United King for the best mithai in Karachi or call us at 021-111-022-022 to place an order for the items of your choice.