We can all relate to the stress of transporting homemade picnic foods, making advance preparations for who will prepare what, and food being bland due to the summer heat. Worry not, since United King has now released snacks and frozen foods from our brand that you may choose from and you’re ready to go for your fun and leisure. If you haven’t already scheduled a picnic, you should act quickly because picnic season is quite brief.

It is not difficult to organize a picnic when so many options are available at United King Karachi. Here is a list of goods that will make your picnic day with family and friends memorable.


Samosas are traditionally fried pastries stuffed with a savory mixture of vegetables and spices. They are a delicious, crispy, and savory treat that are perfect for a quick snack or appetizer at the beach and picnics. United King offers freshly baked samosas with unique and mouthwatering flavors for you to enjoy anywhere anytime. United King has 5 varieties of samosas namely: Chicken, Qeema, Potato, Chinese and Chatpata Samosa.


Kids love chicken, and these rolls are made with only the finest ingredients to ensure that your child is getting the best. These rolls are made with 100% all-natural chicken breast, wrapped in a soft and fluffy wrap, and then fried to perfection. The rolls are perfect for a day out at the beach or picnic. United King’s rolls are a must try for sure. Flavors of rolls include malai boti roll, chicken roll, chicken crumb roll, Chinese roll, vegetable roll and BBQ roll respectively.


United King’s cutlets are just the right proportion of crispiness and softness from the potatoes in it. This product is an easy and healthy way to get children to eat chicken. The chicken is cut into small pieces, so it is easy for kids to eat and has a crispy outside and a moist inside. This product is healthy for kids. It is low in calories, and has no artificial colors or flavors. Their beef and chicken cutlets are a must have for every picnic.


United King makes the best freshly baked patties so they don’t get bland in the hot weather on beaches and picnics. Patties are made with only the finest ingredients to ensure that they are delicious and fresh. Their flavors are fresh as well. Among the best flavors of patties come mushroom olive patties, chicken tikka patties and chicken Bihari patties.


United King sandwiches are some of the must have for every picnic, as the bread and fillings that they use are made from scratch, thus giving the sandwiches a unique taste. Our sandwiches are packed with meat, cheese, and veggies to make them hearty and filling. Our traditional sandwiches are made with either chicken or beef and come with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. It’s a great option for those who want a hearty meal and is loved by both kids and adults. United King’s sandwiches include Shahi tikka sandwich, special club sandwich and plain chicken sandwich.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next picnic with your loved ones today and worry not because United King has the perfect picnic menu for you.